Origin Oil Poised for Growth!

ORIGIN OIL POISED FOR GROWTH Origin Oil has today announced the shipment of their Quantum Fracturing system to MBD Energy, the first unit in a multi-phase commercialization program. This system maximizes algae CO2 absorption with minimal energy. It is their first recorded revenue on the books and is a very exciting development for both parties. … Continue reading

Three Stages of New Technology

Investment News: Successful Technology Integration

After reading a recent June 22 article Entitled: “Investing in Carbon Capture,” link shown below, http://www1.voanews.com/policy/editorials/Inves…, I realized that the carbon-capturing industry is moving fast, so fast that just one month ago what are now outdated methods of carbon capture and storage were talked about as realistic forms of investment for carbon capturing. Note to … Continue reading

New technology: A paradigm in carbon capturing

New Technology: A Paradigm in Carbon Capturing (474 words) Going green matures in tandem with technology. To benefit fully from the green agenda, you must seek out technology that creates a paradigm. Right now, it’s a global race to see which companies can efficiently capture carbon emissions from coal plants and, in the end result, … Continue reading

International carbon capturing-MBD Energy, Origin Oil

Innovative algae-to-fuel project gets funding nod Yesterday (Thursday, July 8) Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr announced a significant funding boost to the algae to bio-oil and feedstock project at JCU. Senator Carr visited the MBD-JCU research facility at the Townsville campus and inspected the facility – a pilot project that is aimed at commercialising the … Continue reading

Mbd Energy gets Austrlian government funding

Algal Synthesis Technology Boosted by Government Funding Industry leader MBD Energy Receives $5M funding from Advanced Manufacturing CRC to fund Carbon Capturing and Recycling Projects A Federal government funding boost of $5 million is key to commercialising the development of Bio Carbon and Capture Storage (Bio CCS) technology using Algal Synthesis – a process which … Continue reading