Algal Biofuels: An Engine of Growth

Algal Biofuels: An Engine of Growth When studying market trends and emerging global markets, an investor needs to take a look at all the numbers surrounding the industry. When analyzing the algal biofuel market, a crucial component for formulating your success is to calculate the industry CAGR (Compound Average Growth Rate). A study done by … Continue reading

Small Cap Technology

Small companies, usually technologically advanced start-ups, prosper in rough times like those we are seeing in the economy today. Their position in the market is usually undervalued, and their ability to drive emerging markets into new stages of growth offers long-term investment opportunities. An example of a company that fits this description would be Origin … Continue reading

Investment News: Successful Technology Integration

After reading a recent June 22 article Entitled: “Investing in Carbon Capture,” link shown below,…, I realized that the carbon-capturing industry is moving fast, so fast that just one month ago what are now outdated methods of carbon capture and storage were talked about as realistic forms of investment for carbon capturing. Note to … Continue reading