Origin Oil Poised for Growth!

ORIGIN OIL POISED FOR GROWTH Origin Oil has today announced the shipment of their Quantum Fracturing system to MBD Energy, the first unit in a multi-phase commercialization program. This system maximizes algae CO2 absorption with minimal energy. It is their first recorded revenue on the books and is a very exciting development for both parties. … Continue reading

Three Stages of New Technology

Investment News: Successful Technology Integration

After reading a recent June 22 article Entitled: “Investing in Carbon Capture,” link shown below, http://www1.voanews.com/policy/editorials/Inves…, I realized that the carbon-capturing industry is moving fast, so fast that just one month ago what are now outdated methods of carbon capture and storage were talked about as realistic forms of investment for carbon capturing. Note to … Continue reading

Emerging global markets : Carbon capture for profit!

Emerging Global Markets: Carbon Capture for Profit The Department of Energy recently granted just over $30 million to support carbon capturing for the production of biofuel from algae and to reduce our carbon emissions. This trend, being shaped by private and public investments, shows us what the next emerging global market will be: carbon capturing … Continue reading