New technology: A paradigm in carbon capturing

Technology must integrate to make change

New Technology: A Paradigm in Carbon Capturing (474 words)

Going green matures in tandem with technology. To benefit fully from the green agenda, you must seek out technology that creates a paradigm. Right now, it’s a global race to see which companies can efficiently capture carbon emissions from coal plants and, in the end result, create biofuel. The bio fuel can then be bought and sold on the open market for profit, thus creating a new market. This new market will, in turn, create a value chain with the ability to wrap itself around the world and benefit billions of people.

The two companies that will help serve billions are MBD Energy and Origin Oil. The integration of the two companies’ technologies have put them ahead of the race in this infant industry. MBD Energy and Origin Oil, on May 11th, signed a memorandum, which included these stipulations: ”In the initial phase, OriginOil will equip MBD Energy’s research and development facility at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia, where testing will take place. The two companies agreed that, subject to the success of the initial test phase, MBD will purchase significantly larger feeding and OriginOil extraction units to serve facilities planned for its three Algal Synthesizer power station projects in Australia: Tarong Energy (Queensland), Loy Yang A (Victoria) and Eraring Energy (New South Wales).”

Two months of testing at JCU have gone by, and just recently Australia’s Minister of Innovation, Senator Kim Carr, visited the MBD–JCU research facility at the Townsville campus and inspected the facility. He was inspecting whether or not MBD Energy and Origin Oil had successfully integrated their technologies to capture carbon efficiently and turn it into biofuel. The inspection of the facility resulted in a 5 million dollar grant from the Australian government. The senator then stated, “These are exciting projects and will help pave the way for biological carbon collection on a much larger scale.” The additional funds from the Australian government will allow MBD Energy to scale up and expand production to a one hectare test facility. This technology innovation is the beginning of a profitable industry trend that investors around the world should be seeking to discover.
The success of this integration has been unknown until now. I have put many hours of research into my initial speculation, and what you see is what you get. My findings show me that MBD Energy and Origin Oil are well on their way to future successes and will become industry leaders in carbon capturing. I hope I have sparked your intuition, and you now see the potential investment opportunities leading you to do more research. Please leave a comment expressing your views. It would be greatly appreciated.

Origin Oil is traded under the symbol OOIL currently trading at 20 cents per share.



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